LinkedIn – Introducing the Landscape – Part 4

It’s not what you know but who you know. In a professional environment it has always been important to build networks, and while these physical communities are still important it’s becoming just as important to take your networking online. That’s why 7 millions Canadians have created a profile on LinkedIn. It’s the social network for professionals. You won’t find status updates about kittens here. It’s about sales, recruiting, industry news and connecting with like-minded individuals to discuss business ideas. For your professional reputation or company profile LinkedIn is the place to be.

I see LinkedIn as being divided into 3 different areas of focus – Personal Profiles, Group Discussions, and Company Pages. Depending on your goals you will focus on 1, 2, or all 3 of these areas. Below is a diagram of how best to use these areas.

LinkedIn Infographic

While each of the three areas of LinkedIn I mentioned above serve a specific purpose, it’s best not to spread yourself too thin. Stay focused and strategic on what you’re there for. And as always, remember to measure your success. Here’s how:

Staying Focused with LinkedIn

  • Know your purpose for using LinkedIn
    • Do you want to create a good professional reputation for yourself?
    • Do you want to create awareness for your company?
    • Do you want to be seen as a thought leader in a specific industry?
    • Set specific goals depending on your answers to these questions
  • If you’re crunched for time, remember your purpose and pick one area of focus.
    • For Professional Reputation focus on your Profile.
    • For Brand / Company Awareness focus on your Company Page.
    • For being seen as a thought leader in your industry find the most popular Group Discussions and add value.
  • Take time every day to check in. Even if it’s 10 minutes.

Be Strategic with LinkedIn

Measure Your Success On LinkedIn

Group of People

There are many ways to measure success on LinkedIn. Below are a few examples, but remember to choose metrics that are important to you and your personal / business goals. Do this week over week, or month over month, and pretty soon you will start to see the patterns of what works and what doesn’t.

Measurement Examples:

  • # of Connections
  • # of Profile Views
  • # of Company Page Followers
  • Articles Posted per Week to Company Page
  • Most Popular Posts based on Comments / Likes / Shares

Like all social networks covered so far there are a lot more details that we could explore. However, in the essence of time and keeping your attention span, it will have to wait for another day. I will leave you with one more piece of knowledge from the queen of LinkedIn – Viveka von Rosen – and her LinkedIn Tips & Tricks. Enjoy!

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